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The appeal of snow must have something to do with childhood – the excitement of waking up to a white world and placing our wellies into cold crunchiness.


As adults we still feel the magic of snow’s hushed calm, which for a few days can slow down our hectic lives.


This mini anthology takes us on an enchanted journey through worlds of snow until we arrive, of course, in Robert Frost’s mysterious snowy woods.


You’ll also find poems published here for the first time – winners and runners-up in our snow poem competition.


Each offers a delightfully unexpected response:


“And I stood at the window and held the cat warm and purring
Heart to heart with me as we watched the snow fall –
That is like grace, making all things new…”

from ‘The Symmetry of Snow’ by Meda AA Stamper


Poems by Carole Bromley, Billy Collins, Kerry Darbishire, Robert Frost, Lucy Jeynes, Joanne Key, Gill McEvoy, Jill Munro, Meda AA Stamper, and CK Williams.


Cover illustration by Sam Cannon.

Ten Poems About Snow

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