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A pamphlet of ten irresistible poems about the joys of knitting – plain, purl and cable stitches morph into poems in which needles flash like rapiers, wool is wound into balls and the door of the local wool shop opens onto hushed knitters, heads bowed over patterns, flicking through the pages in search of the perfect cardigan…




‘Untitled’, Emily Dickinson
‘Dropped Stitches’, Jane Duran
‘Janet’s’, Sue Dymoke
‘Neighbours We’ll Not Part Tonight’, Roy Fisher
‘The Manly Art of Knitting’, Christopher James
‘The Knitter’, Jackie Kay
‘The Symbolism of Ancient Sweaters’, Gwyneth Lewis
‘For My Grandmother Knitting’, Liz Lochhead
‘Needle Work’, Allison McVety
‘The Knitting Song’, Jessie Pope
‘Wool’, Lydia Towsey


Cover illustration by Jan Brewerton.

Ten Poems About Knitting

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