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Rediscover your favourite Lighthouse Keeper picture book in this special 45th Anniversary Edition!


Once there was a lighthouse keeper called Mr Grinling... Mr Grinling LOVES his food, especially the scrumptious lunch Mrs Grinling sends him every day.


But - oh no! - he's not the only one who likes a snack and the local seagulls have started stealing Mrs Grinling's tasty treats...!


Can Mr and Mrs Grinling come up with a cunning plan to keep those pesky seagulls away?


Adventure, thrills and laughter on every page making it great fun for the whole family Special 45th Anniversary Edition makes this the perfect gift for old and new fans of the series


Timeless story that generations of children have enjoyed


Lush illustrations that echo the warmth, fun and humour of the book THE LIGHTHOUSE KEEPER - COLLECT THEM ALL!



Ronda Armitage - The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch (AGE 3+)

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