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The extremism nobody talks about And how it affects us all


'Laura Bates does so much of the dispiriting, heavy lifting in 21st century feminism. She trudges through it like a boss, and puts out books that perfectly describe growing problems, and possible solutions. She's a proper hero at the coal mouth.'

Caitlin Moran


'Laura Bates has done it again. From bantz to outright brutality, she exposes the landscape of misogyny. Passionate and forensic, Bates produces a powerful feminist clarion call. The world needs to take notice. Things must change.'

Anita Anand


'Fascinating, mind-blowing and deeply intelligent book that should be recommend reading for every person on our planet.'

Scarlett Curtis


'In Men Who Hate Women, Laura Bates offers the alternative red pill to those who favour love, logic and humanity over debilitating hate.'

Shami Chakrabarti


'A book of courage and tenacity.'

Robin Ince


'This is how change is made: by looking at uncomfortable things directly in the eye and not turning away. This book is a rallying cry to end suffering, for both women AND men.'

Emma Gannon


'Men Who Hate Women has the power to spark social change.'

Sunday Times


Imagine a world in which a vast network of incels and other misogynists are able to operate, virtually undetected. These extremists commit deliberate terrorist acts against women.

Vulnerable teenage boys are groomed and radicalised. You don't have to imagine that world. You already live in it.

Perhaps you didn't know, because we don't like to talk about it. But it's time we start.


In this urgent and groundbreaking book, Laura Bates, bestselling author and founder of The Everyday Sexism Project, goes undercover to expose vast misogynist networks and communities.

It's a deep dive into the worldwide extremism nobody talks about. Interviews with former members of these groups and the people fighting against them gives unique insights on how this movement operates.


Ideas are spread from the darkest corners of the internet - via trolls, media and celebrities - to schools, workplaces and the corridors of power, becoming a part of our collective consciousness.

Uncensored, and sometimes both shocking and terrifying - this is the uncomfortable truth about the world we live in.


And what we must do to change it.

Laura Bates - Men Who Hate Women

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