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Butterflies are brilliant pollinators and add vibrancy and colour to the garden.


A summer's day wouldn't be the same without the gentle fluttering of delicate wings.


They connect us with living and breathing nature and are an essential part of a dynamic ecosystem.

However, in the past forty years, these insects, which were once a common sight in our gardens, are now in decline thanks to habit loss, climate change and the use of pesticides.


But do not despair - there is a lot you can do to help improve their numbers!


Planting for Butterflies will show you how you can attract these beautiful insects and help them to flourish by creating a butterfly-friendly garden.


No matter how small or large your space - from a window ledge in the city to a country garden - Jane Moore offers advice on the nectar-rich blooms to grow, and when and where to plant them.

This charmingly illustrated, practical guide will set your garden a flutter.

Jane Moore - Planting For Butterflies (HARDBACK)

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