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Each of these sonnets is an exquisite gift in itself. From Anne Stevenson’s lonely house waiting for snow (and an absent lover) to May Sarton’s celebration of the quiet company of a Christmas tree, James Nash’s selection of poems invites us to reflect on the chilly beauty of winter and the lovely blaze of Christmas at its heart.


We meet a superstore’s reluctant Father Christmas who is surprised out of his own cynicism, and a herd of ponies that break loose from their hobbles to gallop away towards the frozen moor and freedom:


“City horses shaggy as Christmas tinsel
Crazy with the thin, cold air and hope.”

from ‘Free’ by Joolz Denby


Poems selected by James Nash.


Poems by John Clare, Joolz Denby, Erik Didriksen, Aileen Lucia Fisher, Kevin Holloway, Claude McKay, Alice Meynell, James Nash, May Sarton, William Shakespeare, Anne Stevenson, David Tait, Sara Teasdale and Judith Wright.

Fourteen Festive Sonnets

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