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Become an eyewitness to the world of Nordic raiders and traders and learn all about the culture and history of Vikings.


This picture-led guide will take you on a visual tour of the history and culture of these daring Norse adventurers.


Children can learn all about the Vikings' incredible ships and conquests, as well as their intriguing culture, religions, and home life.

Throughout the pages of this children’s guide to Vikings, you can expect to find:


- A fresh new look; new photographs, updated information, and a new “eyewitness” feature.


- A visual tour through the topic combined with bite-sized text.


- Brand new eyewitness accounts from experts in the field.

Eyewitness Viking gives a detailed overview for kids aged 9+ of the history of these Nordic explorers, including images of original artefacts, lots of intriguing facts and how the used to live.


Using full-colour photographs to break down the topic, children will enjoy learning about why these fearless explorers sailed across seas and up rivers to east and west, and became the first Europeans to cross the Atlantic and reach the coast of North America.

Eyewitness Viking (AGE 8+) (HARDBACK)

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