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Step into the world of Ancient Rome and explore the rise and fall of a fascinating ancient civilization like never before


Become an eyewitness to the wonders of one of history's greatest civilizations, from it's vast empire to gladiator fights, this picture-led guide will take you on a visual tour through Ancient Rome like never before.


Who were Rome's most famous emperors? What was everyday life like for a soldier in the Roman army? How did the citizens of ancient Rome live? Did gladiators really fight to the death in the mighty Colosseum?


If you find yourself seeking the answers to these questions and more, then this may be the book for you!Photographs of real artefacts and detailed illustrations will help you to understand what it was like to live in this mighty civilisation, as it changed from a small city-state ruled by kings to one of the most powerful empires in history.


Find out, too, what a typical Roman house was like and what food Romans ate.

Learn about how people spent their free time, whether paying a visit to the theatre, using the public bath, or watching gladiators fight a gruesome battle to the death in the world-famous Colosseum.


In this newly- revised Roman empire book, you can expect to find:


-Up to 20 percent new images, including photography and updated diagrams


-All information updated by expert consultants-Packed with amazing facts, infographics, statistics, and timelines


-Includes brand new eyewitness accounts from experts in the field


This museum in a book uses striking full-colour photographs and illustrations of crafts and technology, talks about trade and travel and house and home in Ancient Rome, as well as amazing facts, diagrams, statistics, and timelines to help bring this extraordinary civilisation to life before your very eyes.


The unique visual approach immerses curious children in every page, and the added wall chart is the perfect historical-themed accessory for the bedroom or classroom! A must-have volume for curious children aged 9+ with a thirst for knowledge and learning, alongside teachers, parents and librarians.

Eyewitness Ancient Rome (AGE 8+) (HARDBACK)

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