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A sparklingly funny celebration of Herge's most beloved character via his legendary exclamations!


Captain Haddock made his first appearance alongside Tintin in 1941, and in the course of the 80 years that followed, has gone on to become one of Herge best loved characters.


Clumsy, accident-prone, frequently intoxicated and almost always enraged, the Captain is perhaps best known for his colourful exclamations.


'Blistering barnacles' and 'thundering typhoons' have passed effortlessly from the pages of Herges comics into the public consciousness.

This brand-new book explores in joyful detail the Captain's legendary tirades - and is the perfect way to discover, or rediscover, this extraordinary character and his unforgettable adventures.

Blistering Barnacles: A-Z Of The Rants, Rambles And Rages Of Captain Haddock(HB)

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