Winner of the Christopher Isherwood Prize


A Guardian, Spectator, Sunday Times, Financial Times and Evening Standard Book of the Year


'What a stunning novel.'

Graham Norton


'Funny, passionate, heartbreaking.'

Tracey Thorn






Colm Toibin



Books of the Year, Spectator


'An incredible book . . . about men and how important friendship can be to men.'

Douglas Stuart


Everyone has a Tully Dawson: the friend who defines your life.


In the summer of 1986, James and Tully ignite a friendship based on music, films and the rebel spirit. With school over, they rush towards a magical weekend of youthful excess in Manchester played out against the greatest soundtrack ever recorded.

And there a vow is made: to go at life differently.


Thirty years on, the phone rings. Tully has news.

Andrew O'Hagan - Mayflies