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York has been described as 'the most haunted city in Europe'


There are haunted churches, haunted pubs, haunted museums, haunted theatres and haunted snickets.


There are ghost hunters, ghost walks, ghost cruises, ghost festivals and, obviously, ghosts.


What there isn't (or hasn't been up until now) is a detailed guide to the numerous locations where these ghosts are residing.


This is the definitive guide to the spooks of York. The demonic hounds, the spectral monks, the wailing children and all the other deranged denizens from York's bloody and ever-changing past.


Fully illustrated, each story is numbered and marked on the various maps that are reproduced throughout the book along with historical facts, interesting asides and fascinating articles.


Just remember ... don't stray too far from the path.



Andrew Danks Vincent - Haunted York

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