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'A remarkable and powerful book, the rarest of things . . . Nicolson is unique as a writer . . . I loved it' EDMUND DE WAAL


Few places are as familiar as the shore - and few as full of mystery and surprise.

How do sandhoppers inherit an inbuilt compass from their parents?

How do crabs understand the tides?

How can the death of one winkle guarantee the lives of its companions?

What does a prawn know?


In Life Between the Tides, Adam Nicolson explores the natural wonders of the shoreline, from the extraordinary biology of its curious animals to the flow of our human history.


This is an invitation to the water, where marvellous things wait an inch below the surface. Previously published as The Sea is Not Made of Water

Adam Nicolson - Life Between The Tides : In Search of Rockpools . . .

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