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Mindful Thoughts for Walkers explores how walking is an opportunity to deepen our levels of physical and spiritual awareness.


Mindful walking can help us face the existential questions of 'Who am I?', 'Where have I come from?', What am I doing here?' and 'Where am I going?'


Through a series of 25 succinct meditations on walking, Adam Ford presents an enlightening guide to how mindfulness and walking can help us improve our conscious living, including:


* Taking time to breathe


* Finding your rhythm


* Being aware of your surroundings


* Long-distance walking


* Walking with others


* Walking by night, by rivers and canals, and exploring the city


From a gentle daily stroll to a brisk hike across the mountaintops, this is a powerful reading companion for rural and urban walker alike.


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Adam Ford - Mindful Thoughts For Walkers (HARDBACK)

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