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This ultimate tractor sticker book, filled with terrific tractors, is great for children who can't get enough of farm vehicles.


With over 60 reusable stickers, children can learn about everything from early horse-drawn ploughs right up to the modern day machinery used to produce our food.


Packed with fun facts and interesting information for budding engineers, children can expand their knowledge and get creative with this tractor activity book.

Children can discover all sorts of different tractors and the machines they pull, from combine harvesters to balers.


What does a seed drill do?


Why must sugar cane be cut close to the ground?


How much does a hay bale weigh?


Find out the answers to these questions and more. With stickers that can be reused and moved, the Tractor Ultimate Sticker Book is a perfect book for children aged 5 to 7 fascinated by these hard-working machines.

Ultimate Sticker Book: Tractor (AGE 5+)

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