If your lover has behaved like a rat, your boss has sacked you, your siblings are maligning you, the long arm of the law has misunderstood you… or some rotter has parked in your parking space, then Thirteen Poems of Revenge is definitely, unambiguously, moustache-twirlingly for you.


With a witty introduction and specially commissioned new poem by poet and novelist Sophie Hannah, Thirteen Poems of Revenge offers readers a few tips in the art of vengeance as selected poets carefully place the literary equivalent of a banana skin under the feet of the approaching guilty parties…


As discussed on Radio 4’s ‘Woman’s Hour’!


“Revenge is a dish best never served at all, but merely fantasised about.”

Sophie Hannah, Introduction to Thirteen Poems of Revenge




Jack Powers, Curse of a Boyfriend Scorned
Eleanor Brown, Bitcherel
Gill Learner, Ties
Gregory Woods, Lady van der Meer’s Win
Stephen Dobyns, Spite
George Crabbe, The Criminal
Sophie Hannah, If You Were Standing Where His Shadow Fell
Roz Goddard, Janice
Lorraine Mariner, There is nothing wrong with my sister
Kit Wright, My Version
Christine Webb, You Took My Space
Martin Hayes, Alex
Robin Vaughan-Williams, Manager #10 Fired!


Wendy Cope, Spring Onions
Dorothy Parker, Thought for a Sunshiny Morning
Harry Graham, Late Last Night


Illustrated by Cary Swann.

Thirteen Poems Of Revenge