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Sheds have come a long way since the man-cave cliché. These days, a shed is a far more democratic place – somewhere that symbolises the privacy and space that we all need.


John Greening’s wonderfully varied selection of poems explores sheds from every imaginable angle.


The poems take us to a child’s hiding place, a treasury of exotic implements and rich aromas and a retreat in which to remember the past. 


Derek Mahon’s fêted poem ‘A Disused Shed in Co. Wexford’ creates a mysterious inner world which seems to exist outside time.


A shed may just be a place to keep the lawnmower, or it may be somewhere to escape to in order to write or paint. Sometimes it’s a haven in which to daydream when the house is full of noise and bustle. Elsewhere it’s:


“A sea-side arbour, a garden shanty,
knocked together out of driftwood and furnished
with a beat-up sofa…”

from ‘Arbour’ by Kathleen Jamie


This enchanting selection leads the reader quietly into private worlds and makes the perfect gift for every shed-lover.


Poems by Fleur Adcock, Alison Brackenbury, John Greening, Stuart Henson, Kathleen Jamie, Derek Mahon, John McAuliffe, MR Peacocke, Carol Rumens, Vernon Scannell.


Cover illustration by David&Rews.


Ten Poems About Sheds

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