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In this wonderful mini-anthology of poems celebrating brothers, (a companion to Ten Poems about Sisters) we meet brothers of all ages and of all shapes and sizes, including the brother who:


“has made, out of petrol and hormones,

a little world for himself, a paradise
of hang-gliders and cars;”

from ‘My Lost Brother’ by Ben Scammell


There’s also a young brother who loves riding down the stairs on a tea-tray and teenage brothers who are so alike they even smell the same. There are brothers who grow up and disappear into a new life, living on vividly in the memories of those left behind.


The relationship with a brother can be a complex one, and these poems explore those joys and challenges in fascinating ways. But most of all they reflect the abiding love we feel for a brother and show how this can enrich a life.


Poems by Matthew Dickman, Jonathan Edwards, Lavina Greenlaw, Joanne Limburg, Hannah Lowe, Rebecca McClanahan, Rob Miles, Mary O’Donnell, Ben Scammell and Floyd Skloot.


Cover illustration by Hilke MacIntyre

Ten Poems About Brothers

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