Unicorn took the world by storm with his sweet nature, sunny outlook and positive attitude in the best-selling feel-good book Be a Unicorn.


Now he is back with this little book of life lessons. Looking for some guidance on how to live a happy, sparkling life?


Or just wondering which path to trot along? Look no further than Unicorn, the best (and probably only) four-legged, one-horned happiness guru.

With enlightenment on every page, let Unicorn teach you how to hopscotch over all of life's trials to a place where the grass definitely grows greener.


With adorable quirky illustrations and wise, thoughtful and often completely hilarious life advice, this is a little book to keep firmly in your pocket, ready to be consulted whenever life gets a little bit tough.




- Wear the jumper that Granny knitted with pride.

- Sing Pharrell in the shower.


- Walk in someone else's flip-flops.


- Try new things . . .uhm beetroot juice... pink, yummy.


- Make every day count.



- Worry about a bit of dust.


- Eat someone else's chocolate.


- Blame others - 'my Panda made me do it'.

- Dwell too much on the past.


- Take things for granted.

Sarah Ford - What Would Unicorn Do?