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**** For Age 7+****


The perfect book for adults and children to share, MONSTERS is set to become a bone-chilling classic that will lurk under every bed!


Ever wondered what terrorised the Scape Ore swamp in 1980s South Carolina?


Or who visits the naughty children in Northern Europe to punish them on Christmas Eve?


Or how bloated undead feeders got upgraded to a shape-shifting castle-dwelling Count?From well-known and well-feared monsters like Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster, to the lesser-known, but just as weird and wonderful Japanese Sea Serpent and Chinese Hopping Vampires, this terrific book is the must-have guide to monsters from all over the world. Each monster is brought to life in a bright and bold way by the fantastically stylish illustrator of the bestselling Stories for Boys Who Dare to Be Different series, Quinton Winter.


These illustrations feature alongside the fascinating folklore and history which surrounds the monsters, researched by author and monster enthusiast, Sarah Banville.

Get ready to dive into MONSTERS, but beware of what you might find there ...

Sarah Banville - Monsters : 100 Weird Creatures From Around The World (HARDBACK)

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