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With its long history of conflict and many tragic events, York boasts more than its fair share of ghosts, ghouls, phantoms and things that go bump in the night.


In fact, York claims to be 'Europe's most haunted city', and sometimes it seems as though a ghostly figure with a score to settle is in residence in just about every deserted street or dark ginnel in the old town.


Discover the fascinating history of the Minster and the legend of the haunted pew, the story of the terrible massacre at Bedern Orphanage, the stories behind the sightless severed heads which have throughout history gazed down on the citizens of York from Micklegate Bar, meet the real Dick Turpin and discover the truth about his death over 260 years ago.

Join Yorkshire guide Philip Lister as he takes you on a terrifying tour of York's dark and ghostly side.

Philip Lister - Ghosts & Gravestones of York

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