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'Gripping and horrifying . . . witty and brilliant. Buy it'

The Times


'A treasure trove of killer facts'



'Read it, absorb it, and understand how the country works'

Laura Kuenssberg


Paul Johnson and the enormously respected Institute for Fiscal Studies aim to hold Government to account - without which politicians will get away with their half-truths, elisions and dubious claims.

This is a forensic examination - by the man best placed to do so - of the way the state raises and spends a trillion of our money every year.


To follow the money. To provide an explanation, of where that money comes from and where it goes to, how that has changed and how it needs to change.

'This book is the antidote to naivety that our political class needs. Anyone, in fact, who has strong views about how society should be run would benefit from reading it, because every political ambition costs money and as Johnson writes, "someone has to pay for all this". . . The story he tells may leave you reeling . . .

Johnson's buoyant yet acerbic style will keep you engaged.


The sobering realities he lays out are peppered with entertaining asides

Paul Johnson - Follow The Money

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