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It began with a girl named Mary. She liked to daydream and imagine.


And she grew up to write Frankenstein.

The inspirational true story of the great writer Mary Shelley, brought to life for children in this stunning picture book by multi-award winning author Linda Bailey and with beautiful illustrations from Julia Sarda.


Mary loves stories, but the stories in her daydreams are far more thrilling than those in any book.


One dark and stormy night Mary huddles around the fire with friends, telling ghost stories.

But Mary knows she can write much better than those! After learning about electricity that can make dead frogs twitch, she has a nightmare that triggers the birth of one of the greatest scary stories of all time: Frankenstein . . .


Praise for the illustrator:


"Julia Sarda's illustrations are dark, dream-like, detailed"


Linda Bailey - Mary And Frankenstein : The True Story Of Mary Shelley (AGE 4+)

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