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A quirky, humorous picture book about climate change and caring for the environment, from Children's Laureate, Lauren Child.


Clarice Bean is learning about the environment at school. She needs to come up with a Big Project about Saving the Planet.

ASAP. But when she discovers that the tree on their street is about to be chopped to pieces, she soon realises that it's the little things that can make a big difference . . .


Enter, Clarice Bean, Eco-Warrior!


The third picture book in the award-winning, bestselling Clarice Bean series!


Packed with quirky details and humour, this is perfect for children who are ready to start making the transition from younger picture books to independent reading.

Sparking conversations about climate change, eco-activism and making a difference.

Lauren Child - What Planet Are You From Clarice Bean? (AGE 4+)

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