Since lockdown began, people have woken up to Janey Godley's comedy by the hundreds of thousands . . .


[She] has provided much-needed relief throughout the coronavirus pandemic with her gallus Glesga interpretations which have been shared around the country with much glee. - Daily Record


'Ye've been TELT. Everybuddy's gonnae die if yeez aw keep gaun aboot an meetin each other an gaun hame wi a virus oan ye. So Ah've telt ye wance an Ah'm no gonnae tell ye again. This is the official line.


If Ah see any o you oot there, Ah'm gonnae take a run an pit ma toe up the crack o yer arse. SO QUIT IT!


Stey in the hoose, wash yer hands an keep yer family safe.'

Janey Godley - Frank Get The Door! : Ma Feet Are KILLIN Me (HARDBACK)