'Not just good for school children, but great by any standard' - Phillip Pullman


Oxford Spires Academy is a small comprehensive school with 30 languages - and one special focus: poetry.


In the last five years, its students have won every prize going. They have been celebrated in the Guardian ('The Very Quiet Foreign Girls Poetry Group'), and the subject of a BBC Radio 3 documentary.

In this unique anthology, their mentor and teacher prize-winning poet Kate Clanchy brings their poems together, and allowing readers to see why their work has caused such a stir.


By turns raw and direct, funny and powerful, lyrical and heartbreaking, they document the pain of migration and the exhilaration of building a new land, an England of a thousand voices.


In England: Poems from a School, you will find poetry is easy to read and hard to forget, as fresh, bright and present as the young migrants who produced it.

Clanchy - England: Poems From A School (Poems by Immigrant Children) (AGE 12+)