The author-illustrator debut from one of the best artists working today - featuring one adorable little dog!


Moving home can feel a bit lonely, so Penny can't believe her luck when she finds a new friend right in her garden: a puppy who wants to play all day long!


But the next morning, Penny's playmate is nowhere to be seen . . . wherever can she have gone?


To find out, Penny and Dad will have to get to know their new town a little better.


With this charming tale, the award-winning artist behind The Christmas Eve Tree and the critically acclaimed Tiny series makes her debut as an author-illustrator: here is a story about making friends and finding ways to belong, matching a gentle text with spectacular, detailed artwork.

The result is a book to pore over - perfect for any young dog fans.

Emily Sutton - Penny And The Little Lost Puppy (AGE 3+) (HB)