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How are you feeling?

Are you alright?


If you could open your mind like a handbag and show us what was inside, what would we see?

A bit of a mess?


Don’t worry.

This is a self-help book.

You’ll feel better very soon.


“Funny and profound and surprising all at the same time”


“David Shrigley is probably the funniest gallery-type artist who ever lives”


“On the kink of his line Shrigley can shift effortlessly from pathos to paranoia. And his work is funny - very funny; his timing devastatingly effective”


“Excellent … There’s more to Shrigley than his knowing nods to high art”
Guardian, On Brain Activity, At The Hayward Gallery


“Shrigley deserves his immense popularity. For almost 20 years he has produced a ceaseless stream of ideas, observations, jokes and strange insights in the form of left-field drawings that have appeared in broadsheet newspapers, books and magazines as well as galleries. Deadpan, escapist and distinctively cack-handed, they make up a little world in themselves”

David Shrigley - How Are You Feeling? (HARDBACK)

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