From Carolyn Turgeon, editor in chief of Faerie Magazine, which has more than 1,600,000 followers on Facebook, comes this lavishly illustrated and intricately designed lifestyle compendium, a complete guide to the fairy realm covering flora and fauna; fashion and beauty; arts and culture; home, food, and entertaining—and offering numerous step-by-step projects and recipes.


A beloved fictional favorite from British folklore and medieval romance, the fairy is present in fairy tales, poetry, and plays—and was a favorite subject among Victorian painters, particularly during the mid-1800s. Today fairies maintain a stronghold in pop culture through enduring classics such as Peter Pan’s Tinker Bell, Cinderella’s fairy godmother, the Wizard of Oz’s Glinda the Good Witch—and the tooth fairy myth.


Cicely Mary Barker’s Flower Fairies of the Spring was first published in 1923, yet variations of this volume and her numerous classic fairy books continue to be printed today. The long-running television programs Once Upon a Time (ABC) and True Blood (HBO) featured fairies in a significant way. Just recently, the cosmetics brand MAC chose to capitalize on fairy popularity, naming their spring 2016 collection Faerie Whispers.

Faerie Magazine is a quarterly, beautifully produced lifestyle magazine that has struck a chord with those with a thing for sprites. With a readership of 28,000 and as one of Barnes & Noble’s top-selling lifestyle magazines (although as of summer 2016 is categorized as a woman’s magazine), it has drawn in a rapt, romantic, craft-inclined audience hungry to read articles and stories by renowned writers like Gregory Maguire and Alice Hoffman, ponder fairy garb crafted from flowers, view art by top fairy illustrators such as Charles Vess and Brian Froud, and make ginger scones, assemble a fairy terrarium, and knit Rose White/Rose Red fingerless mittens inspired by the fairy tale. T Magazine and the New York Observer profiled the magazine in 2015. The Baltimore Sun did so in 2016. See links below.

The Faerie Handbook offers the fairy fan a distinct compendium filled with essential knowledge divided into four sections: Flora and Fauna; Fashion and Beauty; Arts and Culture; Home, Food, and Entertaining—and step-by-step projects and recipes throughout. And the hardcover package will cast a spell with an inset image on both the front and back cover; ornate silver foil patterning on the front, spine, and back; lilac stained edges; heavy paper; and a satin bookmark.

Carolyn Turgeon - The Faerie Handbook (HARDBACK)

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