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'Roundly debunks racism's core lie - that inequality is to do with genetics, rather than political power'

Reni Eddo-Lodge


Where did the idea of race come from, and what does it mean?


In an age of identity politics, DNA ancestry testing and the rise of the far-right, a belief in biological differences between populations is experiencing a resurgence.


The truth is: race is a social construct. Our problem is we find this hard to believe.

In Superior, award-winning author Angela Saini investigates the concept of race, from its origins to the present day.


Engaging with geneticists, anthropologists, historians and social scientists from across the globe, Superior is a rigorous, much needed examination of the insidious and destructive nature of the belief that race is real, and that some groups of people are superior to others.

Angela Saini - Superior : The Return Of Race Science