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The sixth book in the best-selling 'Kawaii' series teaches you how to draw almost 100 different woodland friends in an adorable manner.


This kids' how-to art book lets the inquisitive child experience the woodland world through drawing, with clear step-by-step diagrams which are great for visual learners and make it super-easy to follow the instructions.


Each spread - drawn in Angela's trademark playful style - offers an easy step-by-step guide to drawing adorable animals (birds, bears, and bugs), fairies, fungi, ferns and flowers, woodland folk, rock-dwelling creatures, and forest trees.

Angela also shows how to draw cute woodland homes - complete with furniture, belongings, and even vehicles inspired by their forest surroundings - so kids can create a full world for their new woodland friends. You don't need any specialist tools or materials to start drawing cute stuff: all you need is a biro, marker pen or pencil, then you're ready to go!

Angela Nguyen - Kawaii: How To Draw Really Cute Woodland Friend

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